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Aluminium Curtain Walling, Windows & Doors

Edwards Glazing expertise in aluminium products offers the widest range of aluminium curtain walling, shopfront, windows and doors to a wide range of clients. Our team are able to provide system integration to architects, contractors and developers to provide a solution to meet the requirements of all specifications.  


Partnerships with the leading systems houses enables Edwards Glazing to provide the maximum range of designs, specifications and solutions for a wide range of commercial, industrial and retail projects. 

Senior Architectural Systems is one of the largest systems house's in the UK, Totaluminium offer their solutions and wide range of fenestration products. Full aluminium, composite and hybrid systems for commercial and residential projects. Leading innovative solutions for what we are proud to promote and install.

Smart Architectural Aluminium products and system designs are proven in a wide range of projects, spanning the complete range of architectural, commercial, public, new-build and retail applications.

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